Paid Search Ads

Paid Search is the cornerstone of PPC advertising. Search allows your potential customers to find what they want, when they want it. Through Paid Search, you have the opportunity to show your ads on top of and along side search results at all the major search engines. With proper keywords, ads and targeting you can connect your business with the world.

Is Paid Search Right for Your Business?

Paid search is a powerful and complex advertising option, and a must for many businesses. For some, it’s all that is needed, and for others it’s only a part of their overall PPC strategy. Done right it can bring sales to a level never thought possible. To find out if paid search is right for you, we recommend reaching out to our team to talk about the specifics of your business.

How Can iWerx Help with Paid Search?

Paid Search is where PPC all started, and PPC is all we do. We have the best team in the industry and look forward to working with you. If you are a current PPC veteran, or you are considering Paid Search for the first time, please reach out and talk with our team. Proper management is the difference between success and failure.

What Do Paid Search Ads Look Like?

Paid Search ads are text ads found on top, on the side, and below organic or natural search results.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising lets you place ads across a vast variety of the Internet to connect with potential customers. Display covers it all, sites both large and small. Display accepts all types of ads – text, image, interactive and video ads. Once you create your ads you can choose from many options to best place those ads on websites that are relevant to your business goals.

Is Display Advertising Right for Your Business?

Display advertising can be a very powerful part of a successful PPC strategy. Some businesses will strive more than others with Display, but using best practices will help target success from the start while avoiding fishing in an empty sea. If we determine your business is right for Display Advertising, it can be a vast opportunity to grow your PPC exposure.

How Can iWerx Help with Display Advertising?

Display Advertising is advanced and risky. Much can be made or broken by your strategy and management. Display needs a solid plan and structure, as well as constant monitoring and adjusting for success. We will bring the necessary experience needed to build a proper Display campaign to meet your goals.

Where Can Display Ads Be Found?

Display ads are found all over the Internet. Sites both large and small tap into Display advertising to earn money from the networks at Google and Bing. Below is a sample of some of the more well known sites that your ads may be found.

What Do Display Ads Look Like?

Display ads come in all shapes and sizes…images, text, video, media rich images and more. Below are a few examples of some basic image ads you may find while surfing the Internet.


Remarketing is a powerful feature that lets you capture people who have previously visited your site as an advertising audience. You can then show your audiences ads for your business as they surf across the web. If you ever felt “stalked” while you surf the web by ads from businesses you visit online – this is Remarketing. We find that connecting with your previous visitors over and over again proves to be an exceptional advertising tool.

Is Remarketing Right for My Business?

Remarketing is part of the right strategy for almost any business. Not only are you able to target visitors acquired through your PPC advertising efforts, but Remarketing also allows you to capture and show ads to those that have visited your website from everywhere else as well. For example, if you direct people to your website from a trade show, television ad or your showroom, you can now reach those visitors with your ads as they surf the internet. Radically improve ROI by presenting your visitors with highly relevant ads across the Web ensuring your brand is top of mind when they’re ready to buy.

How Can iWerx Help Me with Remarketing?

Both Google and Bing offer tools for Remarketing, and they can be quite complicated. Setting up the proper audiences and ads required to achieve the best ROI requires a well thought through strategy for each of our clients. As a portion of your overall PPC strategy, we will implement and maintain a perfect Remarketing plan for your business.


How Remarketing Works:

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